Officer's Wife Deals With Daily Struggle

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"All you can do is trust and believe in God that he'll come home everyday," Cindy Hernandez, a wife of an Odessa Police officer, said.

Praying for the love of her life to come home safely is something that's constantly on the mind of Cindy Hernandez.

"It was really, really difficult, it was very, very hard to deal with," Hernandez said.

A difficult challenge she fears as a police officer's wife, after last weeks tragic loss of three fallen officers in Odessa, the pain is real.

"It was a very stressful situation for all of us," Hernandez said.

A stressful situation that spreads beyond the men and women who bear the badges...

"I see this everyday I see what it does to homes, I see what it does to wives I see what it does to children," Hernandez said.

Every time her husband walks out the door to protect and serve.

"We don't take advantage of one another, we don't take each other for granted," Hernandez said.

She can only leave her worries up to faith.

"All you can do just trust in God," Hernandez said.

Cindy Hernandez says she and other OPD wives are helping the widows cope with the loss by group counseling.