HD Television, are you ready?

by Brian Curtis

While many newscasts and television programs are now broadcast in high definition, that does not mean all viewers are seeing the crystal clear picture.

Getting the right set up for a high definition picture is not really complicated, but it can be confusing.

"There is quite some confusion with the customers," said Raul Castaneda of Best Buy.

To start, viewers need a television that is capable of producing a high-definition picture, Castaneda said.

"Without the TV being HD, you will not be watching HDTV," Castaneda said.

But getting a high-definition television set is just the first step.

Viewers will also need to attach their high-definition television to a high-definition signal and have the right kind of receiver.

Viewers with satellite or cable will need a new high-definition box, Castaneda said.

"What you need to do is call them, and ask them to upgrade you to high-definition service," Castaneda said.

Viewers that have one of the new high-definition televisions with a built-in tuner do not need cable or satellite to get a real high-definition picture, they just need an antenna.