California man encouraging peace in an unusual way

by Mekahlo Medina

Since the first anniversary of 9-11, there has been a familiar site in Silver Lake, California.

A man on a mission to encourage "peace."

He's an unlikely activist.

Stephen Sharp is usually clad in a shirt and tie when he takes his weekly perch and asks passing motorists to "honk for peace".

Stephen takes his five to seven afternoon shift pretty seriously.

He says he's not a war protester, but instead a peace promoter.

This corporate trainer first started encouraging peace and love soon after 9-11.

"It started out as a response to the build up to the war," explained Stephen.

The waving and yelling hasn't stopped for five years.

He takes to the street about 50 fridays every year with the same message.

"At this rate I'm going until when the whole world is living in peace."

Which means he could be out there for a lot of Fridays to come.