Suspect caught with over half a million dollars

By Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"It's definitely a very complex case so investigators are trying to take it one step at a time," Bill Vanderland, FBI Special Agent at the Midland Bureau, said.

A case still in its preliminary stages, FBI investigators tell NewsWest Nine they're expecting to arrest two more suspects in an armored car robbery.  But so far, this man Freddy Lee Foots of Dallas is charged with aggravated robbery.  The 53-year-old remains behind bars in Culberson County waiting to be taken back to Dallas, no bond will be set.  Pamela Bull who was with Foots at the time was also arrested on an unrelated drug charge. She's in jail on a two thousand dollar bond.

"The armored car robbery in Dallas appeared to be a significant criminal act involving a number of participants and turns out part of it ended up in the west Texas area," Vanderland said.

According to investigators, the two led authorities on a high speed chase after troopers tried to pull them over on a routine traffic stop in Reeves County.  That chase lasted 65 miles and reached speeds of 130 miles an hour before coming to an end in Van Horn. 

Culberson County Sheriff Oscar Carrillo tells NewsWest Nine over half a million dollars was recovered from the suspect's vehicle.  Money investigators believe could be part of an armored car heist in Dallas taken by masked men armed with semi-automatic rifles who jumped out of a blue van and confronted the guards in broad daylight.  The robbers made off with one point eight million bucks.  Investigators say more arrests are expected in the coming days.

"There's been one arrest, but I'm sure that could be changing from moment to moment as additional information comes forward," Vanderland said.