UPDATE...OJ Simpson arrested in Las Vegas

by Jinah Kim
NBC News

As O.J. Simpson spends his first full day in jail, his first court appearance has been set for Wednesday.

Simpson was arrested Sunday morning at his hotel room at the palms casino after a weekend of police interviews and raids on two Las Vegas homes.

Monday brought more potentially damaging developments for Simpson.

The celebrity website TMZ.com released an audio tape reportedly recorded during Simpson's alleged attack last Thursday.

A group of memorabilia collectors told police Simpson busted into their room at the Palace Station Casino Thursday night accompanied by several men, some of whom had guns.

The collectors told police Simpson and his men took up to 100-thousand dollars worth of sports collectibles, including some that at one time had belonged to Simpson.

Simpson says he was only trying to get back what was his.

Legal analysts say that argument may ultimately work in his favor.

"You have to have the intent to steal. You cannot steal your own property," explained legal analyst Roy Black.

The family of murder victim Ron Goldman says if there was a crime Simpson must pay.

"I think the fact that he continues to get away with the things he does gives him more power to continue to do things, and obviously this is another example of him having a God-like or God inferior complex and thinking he can just run amok and he doesn't have to be held accountable for anything," said Kim Goldman.

Simpson faces charges of burglary, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon - felonies that could land him behind bars for decades if he's convicted.