McAlister's in Midland and Odessa holding fundraising event

Staff Report

NewsWest 9

West Texans in both Midland and Odessa will have the chance to give money this week for the O-P-D Benevolence Fund.

On Monday, the McAlister's in Odessa will fundraising for our local officers.

The Family and Friends Event will go on from 6 and 9 p-m, and a portion of all sales during those hours will go towards the Benevolence Fund.

In addition, officers from both the city and county sheriff's office will be on hand waiting tables.

Managers say collecting money for the family's of the three officers is something they really wanted to do.

"Whenever the funerals came around we decided it might be a good idea to kind of get the community involved and also make a good donation to the families.  I know radio stations have done a big part already, but we want to do our part as well," says Michael Denton, GM of McAlister's in Odessa.

So far, McAlister's has raised 7-hundred dollars for the O-P-D fund in just regular donations.

Folks in Midland will have the chance to give on Tuesday.

That's when the McAlister's in Midland will be having the same event.

Midlanders can stop by the McAlister's on Rankin Highway on Tuesday evening between 6 and 9 to give donations to the fund.