Odessa Police Still Searching for Suspects in Shooting

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Police say they are looking for three suspects from Friday night's shooting. And the victim is still in critical but stable condition today. It all happened around the 3100 block of North Center Avenue in Odessa. And from what neighbors told NewsWest 9, shootings don't happen around there every day.

"We got back around 10, we were at my mom's and we got, we were driving by and we couldn't get by so we had to park in the back because it was closed off...there was a cop car parked right here, and what was going on and he just told us there had been a shooting," said David Valenzuela, who lives on North Center Avenue.

Not your typical site in the neighborhood according to Valenzuela. He lives a few houses down from where a 19-year old Hispanic man was shot in his right chest. But he said the man was lucky that his neighbor knows CPR.

"We heard three gunshots. We came outside, and as I was walking I called 9-1-1. And I noticed there was a man lying on the floor. And I was talking to the cops, I was telling them what happened. I noticed he had a gunshot, and then he stopped breathing," explained Adriel Ortega Friday night.

That's when Ortega, a nursing student at Odessa College, got right to work.

"So I went ahead and administered CPR, and he started breathing good. And about five minutes later, he stopped breathing again, for about 10 to fifteen seconds. So I went ahead and administered CPR again, and I stood there until paramedics got there," said Ortega.

And thanks to Ortega's efforts, the victim survived long enough so that he could be taken to Medical Center Hospital for emergency surgery. Saturday, neighbors said they are reminded to stay safe.

"But now we are going to be more careful. More careful when we do lock our house. Sometimes we can leave, and we might leave the door open or something. We won't be doing it anytime here soon now," said Valenzuela.

NewsWest 9 has confirmed that three suspects wearing hoodies approached the man on foot, so this was not a drive-by shooting. No word yet on what could have caused the man to start shooting.