Suspect involved in high speed chase charged with Armed Robbery

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

An arrest has been made in an armored truck heist out of Dallas.

One of those suspects was arrested by the FBI out of Dallas.

His name is Freddy Lee Foots of Dallas, the 53 year old man is charged with aggravated robbery.

He is in jail at the Culberson County Jail.

These suspects came through the basin and gave chase in Reeves County on Interstate twenty after troopers attempted a traffic stop.

The suspects driving reached speeds of 130 miles per hour.  They were tracked to local motel in Van Horn.

Foots is one of two masked suspects who were carrying semi-automatic rifles jumped out of a  van and confronted the Armored Car guards in broad daylight.

The robbers made off with one point eight million bucks.

The Culberson Sheriff's Office tells NewsWest Nine that a woman was also detained in Friday's arrest.