Mums the Word

By Mitzi Loera
Newswest 9 

"Your essentials are staples, glue gun and scissors," said Shelly Branum, Owner of Flowers by Design.

The tools of the trade for constructing a homecoming mum. Something florists across the state are busy building.

"Feather boas, lights, music, bells, and whistles pretty much anything you can think of and get on there you knows they want," Branum said.

And some of the homecoming mums do come with all the bells and whistles.

"You know mums all the way around here and  ribbons down here, this one goes one in the back and in the front," Branum said.

And some with a hefty price tag too.

"They start 50, 70, 100 and they go up from there it depends on how much you add to them. The most expensive one I've ever did was for Trinity, and it was last year, and it was like 275," Branum said.

A tradition rooted in the south the phenomenon of homecoming mum has many stories, but they have one thing in common.

"In celebration of past graduate coming back home."

But some say is all about her "The homecoming queen."

And since there can only be one queen, the other girls set themselves apart with their one of a kind mum.

"Homecoming is a big deal cause you get to walk around with these things, you look so cool, just hang out with your friends football game are real fun it's big here so I'm really excited about that, and then its our senior year so its even better," said Lee senior Danielle Zertuche.

But boys soon got into the tradition with garters.

"There just a little bit shorter they wear them on their arm some on their leg," said Branum.

These florists are busy throughout football season because they have plenty of school they make mums for.

"We are busy through the end of October for the various schools here Midland Lee, Midland High, Midland Christian, Trinity, Stanton, Greenwood, and we do some from Grady," Branum said.

Orders for the mums come in as early as the first week of school and they come in as late as the day of the big homecoming game.

Last year Flowers by Design sold over 300 mums and garters.