Texas Police Sense Brotherhood with Odessa Officers

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Officers from all over Texas attended both funerals in Odessa Wednesday. And with all the support, many officers said they're feeling a real sense of camaraderie with their brothers and sisters in blue.

"Today there was two. Two separate funerals. However, one single meaning. And it's very stressful. Not only in your mind but in your heart. And it takes a toll on you. And it meant a lot to me to be here to show that support," explained Alejandro Valderas with the San Antonio Police Department.

They came from Lubbock, El Paso, Irving, Austin, and the surrounding areas - All for the same reason, to honor their fallen comrades.

"They are fighting the daily battles here on U.S. soil, and we just want to show our heartfelt condolences because they are still brothers in arms to us," explained Frank Ramirez, a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps.

"It's important in the law enforcement community that we all stick together, and show support. That we are all brothers and sisters, and we're in this together, and that we do support each other," said Corporal Jason Lewis with the Lubbock Police Department.

And whether it was at the funeral of Corporal Scott Gardner, or at the funeral of Corporal Arlie Jones, many said the police who made their way to Odessa are family.

"When it comes down to the root elements, I mean, we're there for each other, and regardless of whether it's Midland or DPS or the Sheriff's Office somewhere, we all have that kindred spirit, and we all suffer that loss," said Sergeant Bruce Williams with Midland Police.

Officers said counting on each other is the only way to get through things like this.

"The police world, it's a unique situation, where not everybody can do this type of job. And when the sacrifices that we make on a daily basis, when something like this happens, it needs to be done. It has to be done to show other officers that they need to continue on with the struggle," said Valderas.

And it's a struggle that now continues with the death of Corporal Abel Marquez.