Dispatchers Keep Odessa Running

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

On the day of the biggest memorial in Odessa's history, there were still some answering 911 calls.

The dispatchers worked with deputies from Andrews, Ector, and Midland County, and police from Midland and Andrews', and DPS troopers who volunteered to give the entire Odessa Police Department the chance to say good bye.

"I've never seen anything like this, and I've been doing this for twelve years," said Richard Frederick, System Administrator for Communications in Odessa.

"It's the first time it's ever happened, and we hope it's the last time it ever happens," said Frederick, "The city is still protected. We still have officers on the street doing the job, but it's not our officers, it's our fellow officers from other communities, that have offered this gracious hand."

Odessa Dispatchers, kept everything running smoothly on Wednesday, and on days when things get tough.

"They don't carry the gun, they don't carry the badge, they are civilian employees behind the scenes," said Frederick.

Last Saturday the dispatchers, may likely have been the last line of communication, for the fallen officers.

"They were the ones on the radio when the officers screamed for help, they were the ones who immediately got backup when they were headed that way, and they stayed on the radios the entire time, continuing to answer calls for the rest of the city. Even though their not sworn officers, these are their fellow coworkers, and it affects them. And we're still in shock and we hope, and pray that this never happens again," he said.