A Show of Support for Odessa Police

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

As Odessa continues to mourn the loss of the officers, officials from around the basin have pledged their support for police department.

"Our heart reaches out to the families of the ones that our hurt. And we want to share their pain. We want to take the pain away, so that they don't have to endure it. But we can't do that," explained Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter.

A more somber Sheriff Painter Tuesday as he reflected on the Odessa standoff and the officers that lost their lives. He said that since the incident, he has noticed more awareness in officers around the Permian Basin.

"A realization that the danger is there. The potential for violence is just right around the corner. It's at the next call... Always be prepared," said Painter.

Andrews Chief of Police Bud Jones echoed Painter's sentiments Tuesday after meeting with Odessa Police.

"It just devastated us because we, again, we're ever mindful of what can happen and this was a big shock though because we just didn't expect that to ever happen," explained Jones.

He said Andrews' Police will be there to help Odessa officials as they move forward. He said Saturday's incident was a situation that is so hard to prepare for.

"We all know carrying a badge that domestic disturbances are the most dangerous and volatile call that you can possibly go on. I'd rather go on a bar fight," said Painter.

He said that's because emotions usual run high during domestic disturbances. But he adds it was hard for anyone to expect that multiple officers would suddenly lose their lives.

"And now we are left with a feeling we can't do anything else to help them. They're gone. And our job of wearing a badge is to protect... to help...and now we can't do that," explained Painter.

He said the Odessa Police have done a great job of remaining strong and professional through these tough times. He told us that if OPD needs help, they just need to say the word, and they'll roll.