Investigation Continues in Fatal Odessa Shooting

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - One officer remains in critical condition and two others are dead. This is all after a four hour long standoff Saturday night in a West Odessa Neighborhood. And for many involved, calling this a sad story would be a bit of an understatement.

"It is a...tragic evening...and really hits fact, the wounded officer's mother happens to be one of our employees...and so it all kind of commingled here this evening," said Bill Webster, the CEO of the Medical Center Hospital in Odessa.

It was a much calmer site on Ventura Avenue Sunday after Saturday night's standoff that left two officers dead and a third in critical condition. It all started Saturday evening around 6 when Odessa police were called to this house after getting a 911 call.

"The way the call was described, turns out there was a man with a gun in the vicinity," explained Odessa Chief of Police Christopher Pipes.

But officers didn't realize just how bad this domestic disturbance was about to get. The man's wife gave the officers permission to enter around the back.

"And see the cops went up to the back door, and had their guns out. But they were under the impression that he probably wasn't armed," explained Raymond Graham, who is the next door neighbor of 58-year-old Larry Neil White.

That's when White opened fire that resulted in the deaths of corporals Arlie Jones and Scott Gardner. The third officer who was shot is Corporal Abel Marquez. He went to the Medical Center Hospital.

"Very intense this evening, I mean, the emergency department was busy with a lot of patents including obviously the officer that was wounded," said Webster.

It was clear that with critical injuries, Marquez needed serious medical attention.

As of Monday morning, he remains in critical condition at University Medical Center after Carestar took him from Medical Center Hospital. And as for Larry White barricaded in his own home, one neighbor told us:

"He never came out of the house, until he surrendered at about 10:30," said Graham.

But he surrendered after an ordeal for not only city and county officials, but for all law enforcement that came on the scene. We even saw an armored personnel carrier that helped in ending the standoff. But this will not be a night soon forgotten in the city of Odessa.

Larry White will be charged with two counts of capital murder and three counts of attempted capital murder of a peace officer. NewsWest 9 has learned that he was transported to prison after being in the hospital Saturday night. Keep it here to NewsWest 9 for the latest developments on this story.