Day 1: Search for Jon Shadden

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"Bones may be scattered if there's bones," a search team leader said, "we're also looking for maybe a gun or clothing it can be hidden in here."

"Watch out for snakes, cactus is pretty nasty here too," a team leader adds.

With rough terrain at their feet, searchers are covering as much ground from below, on twos and fours.  Some are on the water with divers on standby, others from the sky.

"In areas like this where it's rough and inaccessible, this can come in pretty handy," Gene Robinson with Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team, said.

A digital camera connected to this plane is taking hundreds of aerial pictures.

"We can see contents of the back of a pick up truck, let's put it that way, it carries GPS logger on it," Robinson said.

Many volunteers from Midland like Darryl Thornton is one of over a hundred searchers on foot, combing through every feet of a field.

"I think it's necessary, unfortunately it's necessary, we got a good turn out from Midland and all around the country.  It's a lot of support shown by people who care," Robinson said.

Jon Shadden's family vacation mobile home sits undisturbed, yellow tape still surrounding the area where the Midland man was last seen back in June.  Case worker Cindy Wisdom with Texas EquuSearch says a search of this nature is intense.

"I try to tell them they're looking for grandma's diamond ring, they're not looking for Jon, they're looking for small things, liquor bottles we know he had some items missing from his home, so those are the things we're looking for as well as Jon," Cindy Wisdom, a case worker with the Texas EquuSearch, said.

Volunteers aren't giving up hope and the search for Jon Shadden will continue tomorrow morning in Lake Spence in Coke County.