Mother Wants to Warn Others Of Pot at Park

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- A mother scared for her daughter's life, after she rushed to Permian High School when school officials called to tell her, her daughter was high on marijuana.

"I was scared for my daughter life," said Rachel Perkins, "She was sitting on a couch and she was slouched and she kept throwing her hands up and kept telling me she was seeing things that weren't there."

Perkins says her daughter was sweating terribly and crying hysterically, after getting high at Optimist Park during lunch. She says her daughter didn't even remember walking back to class. Now she wants other parents to be aware of the problem.

"I want to tell them that their kids are possibly leaving school during lunch and doing drugs or smoking a cigarette or anything and could die or harm themselves," she said.

When kids step off school property they are no longer considered the school's responsibility but she wants the park to become a priority for police and parents. She plans to attend the next ECISD board meeting and hopes other parents will join her.

"I think OPD needs to make this a part of their regular patrol," she said, "I think us as parents could get together and patrol the area, It could be somebody else's kid," but Perkins wants to find a way to make this a priority.

Odessa police say the best line of defense, for keeping your kids off drugs is talking with your teen. If you or your kid knows of illegal activity at the park, report it Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS, you will remain anonymous.