Man Dies in Midland County Jail

By Mitzi Loera
Newswest 9

A shocking turn of events after a suspected serial rapist dies behind bars in Midland.

Jose Lopez was arrested last night.

Now the Texas Rangers and the Midland County Sheriff's office are investigating.

Jose Luis Lopez was pronounced dead this afternoon around 12:30 pm.

A jailer found him hanging from a piece of a blanket in his jail cell.

According to Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter the 47-year-old Lopez was found hanging from the shower controls at 11:45 am.

A deputy was doing a cell check and couldn't see Lopez.

When he went inside to check, he found Lopez had hanged himself.

A jail nurse and EMS were called, but they were unable to revive him.

The body was taken to Lubbock for an autopsy and now an investigation is underway in the apparent suicide.

Lopez was arrested last night at the Economy Inn on West Wall.

He was wanted in connection with two rapes in Lubbock and two in Midland.

He disappeared from Lubbock two weeks ago.

Authorities there had a warrant to get a sample of his D-N-A.

Lopez may have been involved in as many as seven rape cases, but it will be a while before this investigation is complete.