Some in Grandfalls Protest Municipal Court

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

GRANDFALLS- If you head down Highway 18 between Monahans and Fort Stockton, you might catch a glimpse of a protest potty in Grandfalls, a town, nestled along the way.

"The City can't afford a municipal court," said David Kohn, who put up a toilet designed to send the message that he doesn't want a Municipal Court in his town.

"It was in protest because she thinks toilets shouldn't be on a lawn," said his wife Betty Kohn.

Down the road you will find another toilet that reads "flush our city leaders." Karen Howell Keith, placed that porcelain proclamation. According to Keith there are several other protest potties all over town, all people who don't want their town to move to a court system.

Mayor Mandy Brandenburg says the court will help clean up town, but it will also be more than that.

"My goal is to bring things into this town that will make people want to move here," she said.

The Mayor says she's taken a lot of heat even though she says it's up to the City Council to decide to enact a court, and during a council meeting she can only break a tie she can't formally vote.

"This is our town and it's not a laughing matter," she said, "We have a lot of good things going on here. We're trying to move forward."

The Mayor says a court will make it possible for the town to get a police officer who can crack down on people who speed through on Highway 18.

"They come through here they never let up off the gas," she said, "We can't move forward, with this ridiculous nonsense going on."