Permian Basin Fair and Expo Scholarships

By Mitzi Loera
Newswest 9

It's the mission of the fair and expo board to provide a great experience for everyone when they come out to the fair.

Especially for the kids, and that's why a little education sneaks in at some of the exhibits, they also want to help out with higher education for youngsters who participate in fair events.

From small, to big, to huge the fair has something for all.

"It started out as a small county fair and has evolved to what you see today we are now the largest annual event in the Permian Basin," Said Kay McDowell President of the Permian Basin Fair and Expo.

The largest annual event in the Permian Basin seemed very appealing to first time fair participant Zoo Dynamics out of Dallas, they not only entertain they also educate.

"You shouldn't have to live in a huge metropolitan area with a large gigantic multi billion dollar zoo to be able to have this, so the idea is to have an outreach programs and to bring the excitement to those folks."

So besides the food, fun, and games each member of Permian Basin fair board strives to give back to the public from bringing in a new animal exhibit, to helping them in their higher education.

"Our scholarship program which we are very, very proud of since the fairs inception in 1976 we have awarded well over half a million dollars in educational scholarships," Said McDowell.

They give out scholarships in many areas and this year is no different, thirty two thousand dollars will be awarded to those who apply.

"The kids have five years to use their scholarships they can go to any college or university they choose to. If they go to Odessa College or UTPB here in Odessa their scholarships will be doubled they will match their funds dollar for dollar."

McDowell says she likes to say that the scholarships are the best kept secret about the fair.