Drivers Seeing No More Potholes on Industrial Avenue

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

The repairs are finally done, and the potholes have been fixed on Industrial Avenue. NewsWest 9 was the first to tell you about the agreement between the city of Midland and Union Pacific Railroad to clean up a huge pothole problem. We spoke with drivers to see if it's helped their daily drive.

"It's a little safer now, you know, at least you can maintain a steady speed and main thing is a straight course of travel. You don't have to weave in and out to dodge potholes and you know, miss other people," explained Jeff Gregory, with Marine Express Inc.

After years without any maintenance, it appears all the potholes have been filled on Industrial Avenue. And for people who work on the street, it makes driving a lot easier.

"It's a whole lot, five times better than what it used to be. I would say even a week ago. And it didn't take them but a day or two to fix it, what they did do," said Gregory.

But with all the necessary repairs done on Industrial Avenue, there's a bigger question here. And that's what happens if Midland sees high waters or even flooding again?

"Oh, I'm hoping that doesn't happen," responded Jennifer Marshall. "It makes it for a very dangerous road to drive on, plus all the past oncoming traffic. You're having to stop and wait or go around on the dirt."

Marshall works for an overnight express company, and finds herself driving down Industrial to many of the local businesses. But she's not sure if the new repairs will last long.

"Well, I'm kind of wondering if it's going to do the same thing as it always has when they fix them if once it rains it's just going to all wash out and be potholes again," explained Marshall.

And for those who work on the street, they are hoping that doesn't happen. They are also looking forward to a more long term agreement between city officials and the railroad, so that the repairs will stay as good as they are now.