Another Case of Identity Theft

By Mitzi Loera
Newswest 9

It is a carbon copy crime, Rosie Lujan says thieves stole her identity and in the process wrote more that five hundred dollars in checks.

Emptying out her bank account and now another woman comes forward saying the same thing happened to her.

A stack of papers, with copies of checks made out to several stores.

"Home Depot, JC Penny's, Dillards, Target."

All places Rose Savage would shop at here in Midland, there is just one thing.

"No none in Texas all in Alexandria, Louisiana," Savage said.

The same town Rosie Lujan tracked all her stolen checks to, a place both Savage and Lujan say they've never visited or know anyone who lives there.

"The bank thought maybe someone had gotten my information by one of the times I had done check by phone, which I only do my car payments that way you know I first called them and was really aggravated," Savage said.

Aggravated enough she contacted every credit bureau and check collection company just trying to get one step ahead of the thieves.

"They have my name my address and my driver's license number, but they misspelled my name by one letter they used a B instead of a V, but like this one you can see how the cashier asked for id. So apparently they are making checks with the account number and the routing number," Savage said.

The account number and routing number belong to Midland Community Federal Credit Union, but the name on the checks is the credit union's old name Midland Atlantic.

"I can't write checks because my driver's license is flagged and so is my husbands," Savage said.

And flagging her driver's license is all apart of catching the criminals and catching the criminals is Ray Weatherby's job in handling Savage's case. In fact, he handles all the identity theft cases for the Midland County Sheriff's office.

"There is a lot of identity theft going on right now, it's one of the hottest crimes in the nation." Weatherby said.

And everyday he's making calls across the nation trying to track down thieves.

"These people are getting credit card numbers checking account numbers they make their own credit cards they make their own checks computers have made things a lot easier for high tech theft," Weatherby said.

Weatherby's best advice is to be vigilant about your accounts.

"Check your account everyday ask your bank to put a five hundred limit on your account if a check comes in more than that amount they need to call you about it." Weatherby said.