Students Receive High Tech Tools

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Tuesday was the day students have long waited for, starting the school year with a new high tech tool, and to say they're excited would be an understatement.

"Oh man I want to use it for a lot of things, taking pictures, downloading music doing homework," John Ontiveros, a Big Spring High School student, said.

"I like white, I like white color," Jessie Sanchez, another student at the school, said.
Big Spring High School students are in for a high tech treat as hundreds of them got their cutting edge laptop computers.
"I never had a laptop before and i feel special having a laptop for my own," Sanchez said.

Each and every student has to sign this pledge form vowing to take care of the equipment and not go onto any inappropriate web sites.

"I can see where they're coming from on those, if they don't want us on there then they shouldn't be on there anyway," Jordan Herrod, a high school senior said.

For journalism students like Jordan Herrod, it means cutting down on a little backpack bundle.
"I like them because we don't have to carry books around and taking the meaning of learning to a whole new level for social studies teacher Marie Wells.

"Our kids were brought up in a computer digital age and so they're able to look at thing son the screen where as me I'm having to print stuff off so I do believe that text books will eventually be phased out," Marie Wells, an AP Social Studies teacher, said.

Each laptop is closely monitored and anything deemed indecent is denied access.
"I think this is pretty cool because we're the first class to get them this year," Lance Gross said.

Big Spring I.S.D. Technology Director Corey Wood tells NewsWest Nine they'll be passing out more laptops on Wednesday.