Midland Schools Get V-Soft System

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Keeping sex offenders off campus will be easier for Midland Schools with a new tool, called V-soft (Visitor, Student, or Faculty Tracking). It scans ID cards from every state and captures, name, date of birth and a photograph, along with an ID number that are all cross referenced with sex offender data bases in forty nine states, compiled by Raptor Technologies.

"What this does is gives accuracy to who is in the building, anytime," said Raptor Technologies President and CEO, Allan Measom, "School districts traditionally would have people sign a piece of paper or maybe fill out their own visitor badge and then go down the hall."

Measom says that isn't enough information. That's why he developed a system that can be used to scan licenses and can alert Administrators if a sex offender is on campus.

The system can be used by local law enforcement in case of an emergency to pull up who is on campus. It can also monitor student tardies, and list which faculty members are on campus. The company has more than three hundred districts already on board all over the country. Measom says last year they logged more than a thousand sex offenders at all of their schools. Ten percent of those sex offenders were from out of state making them harder to track.

Midland schools should have the system at every campus by the end of the year. They are funding the program through the Secure Our Schools Grant, handed down by the federal government.

The Department of Justice selected the Raptor system to put in place, in schools all over the country, all on the Department's dime. The Department will send the results of the program to Congress, in hopes of getting a uniformed system at every school in the nation.