Midland Woman Cleaned Out in Identity Theft

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Imagine checking your bank account one day to find a lot of money missing. And multiple checks made from your account cashed in a different state. That's what one Midland woman is still dealing with after her checking account information was stolen.

"It's just frustrating, because you know you can't open a checking account, you can't do anything, because they are you right now. Apparently they have the driver's license with my name and address, and they have my date of birth," explained Rosie Lujan, who lives in Midland.

For Lujan, she knew something serious was wrong last Tuesday when she was looking through her bank statement.

"And then I noticed a check close to 500 dollars at Walmart in Louisiana, and then I'm like I didn't write that. So I decided to go further, and I saw one for Burlington and Alexandra Louisiana, and that was like for 300 dollars, I knew I hadn't been there," said Lujan.

She said that she contacted her bank, First Basin Credit Union, about the problem. She is still waiting for official word about her missing money. Waiting for nearly a week. Lujan said one clue in all of this is a letter she received back in July. It came from the company that does her checking services, Certegy. And in it, the company said one of their employees stole back account information from lots of people who then sold the information to others. And she doesn't think she's the only one who has been victimized.

"I believe it's a chain, because they said they stole a lot of identities, I mean it wasn't just me, it's probably nation-wide too," explained Lujan.

For now, Lujan said she will just have to continue with her day to day work until she gets word from the bank about the fraud. She has some advice for others if they've received the same letter.

"I would just either, if you are uncomfortable with closing the account, just go ahead and change the account number, because that person they are duplicating the same number, the same checks, because they have a copy of the checks that went through so they are duplicating the exact same check with all your information," advised Lujan.

She also said that she has heard about other West Texans who have victims of identity theft. NewsWest 9 called First Basin Credit Union to ask them about how they are dealing with the problem. Our phone call was not returned.