13 year old crashes vehicle into house

by Scott Walker

It wasn't exactly a laid-back Labor Day for Florida residents Clarence and Sandra Johnson.

The couple was driving back to their home in the Woodlands subdivision when a neighbor called and told them someone had crashed a car into their house.

When the couple surveyed the damage, they realized how lucky the trip to Lowe's turned out to be.

"The easy chair is right in that location. One of us probably would have been sitting there reading ... I was amazed that someone could hit the house with two big trees in the front yard," Clarence Johnson said.

Officials with the Florida Highway Patrol said she was making a U-turn into the Woodlands subdivision when she hit the gas and ran into the house.

The girl was transported to a hospital as a precaution, but investigators said she appeared to be OK.

Michelle Merritt is a neighbor of the Johnson's.

She said she heard a big thud, and when she went outside, she found the teenager standing in the yard and visibly upset.

"She was very distraught because, obviously, she didn't intend for this to happen. I mean, now it's not just the car, but it's somebody's house," Merritt said. "She just know her parents would be really mad at her."

It's still not known why the underage girl was behind the wheel, but authorities said she did take the car without her parents' permission.

The girl faces charges of careless driving and driving without a license.