Local Company Creates Hat Accessories

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- It's not your father's ball cap, MetalBack, a company out of Odessa is completely changing the concept of hat wearing, starting with the bill.

"We do unique items, we try not to come out with something that everybody else has," said Reggie Lawrence founder of Metalback. He started with his father four years ago.

"Everybody says wow, I can't believe that's a great idea, I don't know how somebody didn't think of it," said Reggie Lawrence.

Metalback started with golfball marker clips, called sliders, and cap bill benders, now they've created a detachable face for your hat called a bill grill.

"This show has generated so much interest, that I don't know how many people we'll have to hire, hopefully a bunch," said Lawrence who recently, returned from a clothing show in Las Vegas.

The Bill Grills got a big break, they got a license to make Walt Disney gear and a contract to print a promotional bill grill for McDonalds. He says he is also in talks with the company that licenses Pepsi and the new bill grill may even make a cameo in the Super Bowl.

"I think it is something that could really sweep the nation and even the world," said Lawrence.