Working on Labor Day

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

NewsWest 9 found a lot of people working on Labor Day. And it wasn't just at our studios in the Broadcast business. But for workers and employees we talked to, they said working on a holiday isn't all that bad.

"It's a job we had to do. And we had to have a little bit of time because this is a fairly busy road out here. Labor Day was a good day to do it. Things are kind of slow out here; give us a chance to do our job," explained Paul Nicholas, a Midland worker.

It was a busy day for workers in the Midland County Road and Bridge Department.  NewsWest 9 found them out on West County Road 127 laying down blacktop on a day many people had off. And it was work Midland County Officials said needed to be done on this road.

"The road and bridge department, this was a major problem because of the flooding and the rain, and they wanted to get it back, and if we have a high populated area, they'll try to work them those days, where there's little or no traffic," said Choc Harris, a Midland County Constable.

But this Labor Day, those workers had a choice about doing their job. And they chose to keep working.

"And getting a job done that we've been needing to get done, and today was a good day to do it, because there is no traffic out here today. Not much anyway," said Nicholas.

In addition to some County workers and law enforcement, others who worked Monday included employees of stores like Best Buy.

"Retail doesn't shut down very often, that's true. We've been pretty steady, good traffic flow all day today. And a lot of people coming in, a lot of people on their day off," said Mike Williams, the General Manager at Best Buy in Midland.

And with a lot of people off Monday, retail stores did their best to prepare accordingly.

"We plan. We staff a little heavier, for holiday weekends, and different holidays, so yes we plan for it," explained Williams.

So while many West Texans were enjoying the day off, for many, this Labor Day marks the beginning of another busy work week.