Traffic stop in South Carolina turns violent

by Jenny Fisher

A routine traffic stop for a St. Stephen, South Carolina police officer ended in a bloody attack.

It's all caught on the officer's surveillance camera.

Two cops found out too late, not everyone supported their attempted arrest.

Police were trying to arrest Archie Darby.

The video shows him struggling and side-stepping as he resists arrest.

That's when a crowd of about 20 people approached from a nearby apartment complex and crowded around the officers.

Sergeant Kenny Harris of the St. Stephen Police Department says the attacks disturb him.

He supervises the patrol division and reviewed the surveillance camera footage.

Harris said the officers, "tried to heed the crowd back, but the crowd wouldn't take commands."

Sgt. Harris called the attack disturbing.

He said the woman you see near the officers is Darby's girlfriend, Ann Woods.

Watch as she pushes and hits Officer Jaime Taylor.

Keep an eye on the guy in the white, that's Altony Brooks.

He too pushes the officers, then backs up.

It's not over, though.

Darby finally frees himself, when Brooks runs into the picture.

Sgt. Harris said, "Out of nowhere, he's got his fist kicked back and he's running full blast and hits Taylor."

The blow fractured Officer Taylor's eye socket and required 15 stitches.

Officer Taylor is recovering from the attack and declined an on-camera interview.

He's currently on medical leave.

The violence resulted after a traffic stop that did not involve any of the people pictured in the video.

The two officers stopped two men inside the white car pictured in the video for a seat-belt violation.

When officers learned one man had a bench warrant and the other did not have a license, they handcuffed the men and put them in the back of the police cruiser.

Police say as they focused on getting the two men in the cruiser, Archie Darby jumped in the driver's seat of the white car.

Police say Darby is the cousin of one of the men originally arrested.

When police pulled Darby from the car, they say he began fighting them and resisting arrest.

Hence, the start of the struggle that ended with an injured officer.

Police are now searching for the two men and woman involved in the attack.