Friends Remember Andrews Senior

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Kristen Corbin was a high school senior ready to graduate this year.

"She wanted to make a difference this year, and the people that's been dear to her for so long she felt like it was her opportunity to stand out and make a difference," Paige McLeod, a close friend of Kristen Corbin, said.

Friends say the 17-year old 'Critter' who got her nickname from softball always had a zest for life, being involved in everything and anything.  She was part of track, played basketball and helped out the volleyball team, always reaching out to others.

"Everybody who knew Critter, we've been together lately and no one has one bad memory to say about her, not a fight.   We're laughing, we're remembering all the crazy stuff that we've done together," Noemi Chavez, who knew Kristen since the first grade, said.

Her childhood friends reminisce about their friend gone too soon and remember there was never a dull moment with the girl who was all smiles.

"Amazing doesn't even top what Critter was," Chavez said.

"She was so energetic and enthusiastic about everything that she did," Emily Eisenrich, a close friend of Corbin, said.

Hundreds of friends and families filled the hospital on Wednesday supporting Kristen during her final hours.

"They took her off her ventilator and they knew there wasn't that much time yet and at the moment, everybody was just on their knees and we were embracing it as much as we could," McLeod said.

Today, they wear these shirts.

"These red bandanas, Texas Tech was her favorite," McLeod pointed out.

Never forgetting one of their own, the Mustangs are dedicating their first football game to a dear friend.

"It's brought us all closer together and we're going to live out the year for her," McLeod said.

It's definitely been a tough week for students here in Andrews High School, now the school tells NewsWest Nine they're doing what they can to support their students during this grieving time.  They even have these pamphlets in the front office; they're talking to their coaches, band director and teachers, but most importantly, just being there for each other.