Odessa Day Care Burglarized

By Mitzi Loera
Newswest 9

The clean up continues.

After a rude awakening Friday morning for one Odessa business owner, who found out his daycare had been broken into over night.

Up until six thirty this morning Matt Thomas' biggest business concern was where to get the money so he could add on to his day care in order to meet the growing needs of the day care space in Odessa.

"Why a day care center. We are struggling to make ends meet and now we have to basically start over get stuff they've taken out and replace that get everything cleaned up it really puts us in a bad spot," Matt Thomas said.

Thomas' day care was broken into over night and not much was taken a small amount of money and some checks, but the burglars left behind plenty of damage.

"They took a metal bar and pried open the back door of the building here," Thomas said.

They went through all the children's back packs pretty much all that are in the back packs clothes blankets maybe a stuffed animal.

Oddly enough they tried to pry open a paper towel dispenser and when they couldn't pry it open they just ripped it off the wall." Said Thomas

It was in the office where most of the damage was done as you can see the burglars went through these filing cabinets and just threw the files on to the floor.

Now the Ector County Sheriff's office is investigating

"They checked for fingerprints on the filing cabinets, on the computer, on the uh paper towel dispensers that were messed with.  They really didn't get any good prints it looks like who ever it was may have worn gloves. The item used to break into the building that was left here actually in our office they took that with them to do some tests on it to see if they can get anything off of it," Thomas said.

Thomas plans to put in a security system including surveillance cameras, but he also is offering a reward to help catch the culprits.

"To anybody who can give me any information to who did this if they are found guilty and they are apprehended, I'll be more than happy to give them a thousand dollars in cash," Thomas added.