White House Press Secretary Tony Snow submits resignation

by Chris Clackum
NBC News

Another high profile member of the Bush White House is leaving.

Press Secretary Tony Snow made it official Friday that he'll step down in two weeks, even though there's just over a year left in Mr. Bush's presidency.

"This job has been a dream and a blast," Snow told reporters after announcing his departure.

He completes the trifecta of resignations of President Bush's closest and most loyal advisors.

Snow's announcement comes on Karl Rove's last day, and in the same week that Attorney General Gonzales announced his resignation.

He says he has to go because with a family to feed and educate, he can't afford to stay on.

Snow added that the cancer he thought he had beaten when he took the job in April of last year, and that resurfaced this year with its obvious effects on his appearance had no effect on this decision.

President Bush believes him.

"I don't know what he will do. I'm not sure he does either, whatever it is two things, he will battle cancer and do, he will be a contributor to society," Bush said at the press briefing.

Snow will be replaced by current Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino.

Snow says he'll write the obligatory book and hopes to live as long as the 80-something veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas.

"When I'm your age, I want to be like you and give living hell to the White House Press Secretary," Snow quipped.

Snow's last day is September 14th.