ECISD Drug Dog Back To Work

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- It's the first week of school and ECISD already put Booku, an eighty pound Belgian Malinois back to work.

"We plan on doing random searches," said Sgt. Leslie Alexander, "If the students see that there's a canine on campus, that they're less likely to bring narcotics and they're more likely to get caught."

Booku uses his sense of smell like X-ray vision, and trainer Richard Rattan, an officer within the ECISD Police Department says this new addition will help with the fight on drugs.

"A dog uses it's nose like you use your eyes," said Officer Rattan, who picked Booku up from a training facility near Austin back in April.

"We don't just do the parking lot we do the interior of the school we do the parking lots, we do the restrooms, any place that officer and dog can fit, they will be there," said Sgt. Alexander who says this school year, Officer Rattan and Booku will randomly search each High School three to four times a week.

He will also search every secondary campus in the district.

"The more the kids see the drug dog the more they will be deterred from bringing drugs," she said.