Two Boston Firefighters killed after four alarm blaze

by Ryan Schulteis

Two firefighters are dead and more than a dozen others injured after a restaurant burned down in Massachusetts Wednesday night.
It's a scene firefighters never want to see, their own men down.

Boston Fire Commissioner Rod Fraser says "last night we lost two of our brave firefighters."

Those two, about a dozen other firefighters and an EMT are rushed to area hospitals. Rescue crews worked hard performing CPR trying to save their life, but in the end Paul Cahill and Warren Payne didn't make it.

Rod Fraser says "these brave men died in the line of duty protecting the people of Boston. I ask that your prayers are with them, and their families."

All of the killed and injured were fighting this four alarm blaze along the strip of businesses in West Roxbury.

A local resident says "we smelled smoke it penetrated all of the homes a mile away and a few people came out on their lawns...I was one of them, and we knew something was going on."

It's not clear exactly what happened inside the fire, but according to the fire chief the most seriously injured became trapped after they became disoriented in the heavy smoke.

Now the pain of loosing two brave men is stetting in.

Boston City Councilor John Tobin says "it's an unspeakable tragedy. It's going to be a long healing process that lies ahead and it is going to be incumbent upon us and the city, not just the elected officials, to come together and support their families."

Once again two firefighters are dead, two remain in critical condition and nine others are suffering from non life threatening injuries. All this as the investigating into what happened is just getting started.