Jane Long Elementary Traffic Woes

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- When school lets out, cars on Cedar Springs clog the road in front of Jane Long Elementary.

"I've just seen them go real fast, parking illegally all the time," said Sue Komar.

It's a problem that has parents like Kathy Whittaker pointing the finger at other moms and dads. Whittaker says at 3:15 the road is like a free for all and parents disregard all traffic laws.

"Parking in the yellow zones, parking in the cross walk, oh yeah double parking, and parking where the buses can't get in," said Whittaker.

Wednesday campus police tried to get parents accustomed to following the rules by issuing warnings.

"We will not let any children go with out contact with parents for the little kids, some of the parents stop really quick and think they can run out really quick but those are the parents were training," said Principal Linda Hall.

This isn't a new problem, five years ago Principal Hall called upon city officials to conduct a five day survey to find solutions to the traffic congestion.

"They thought we were making the best use of the floor plan," she said.

Jane Long Elementary is more than fifty years old and changing the setup to accommodate traffic, like adding new parking spaces would be costly. Principal Hall says that would take help from a bond measure and that hasn't happened yet. Hall says parents can help by obeying the law.

"Park get out and walk with your child, we have crossing walks here, we have a crossing guard on the next block. So we want to keep our kids safe and we won't let the kids go even if the parent calls them across the street but they have to work with us to keep the flow going," said Hall.