EXCLUSIVE...Family Needs Your Help in Finding Missing Loved One

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"It's a day like Ground Hog Day; I keep feeling like I'm living the same day over and over and wondering where my husband or the love of my life is.  Unfortunately, I wake up to it everyday," Stephanie Shadden, the wife of missing Midlander Jon Shadden, said.

Stephanie Shadden wakes up to the thought of not knowing where her husband is.

Jon Shadden nowhere to be found after he was reported missing from a family vacation mobile home at Lake Spence nearly three months ago.

"I would love anybody that could give us insight that we haven't seen yet definitely any prayers that anybody can give us," Shadden said.

Months later, still no sign of the father of four and the family's worries are growing day by day.  Now they're taking matters into their own hands, but need your help.

"We are needing anybody that has horses anybody who can come out with their four wheelers divers would be the greatest thing for us right now is anybody that wants to come out and donate their time to search for my husband and the father of four," Shadden said.

Next weekend, the Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team, who helps with finding missing people all over the world, will be out at the Marina where Shadden was last seen.  Posters of Shadden are still posted at local convenience stores and other places where the family thinks they can find any answers.

"Just trying to deal with all of it and dealing with the three year old wanting to know when is daddy coming home that is difficult to explain to a child that you don't know where he is, I'm ready for closure for him as well as myself," Shadden said.

In the meantime, this mother is struggling to stay strong for her children.

"I just hope the good Lord sees us through this and we can get over it because I do not want to make anything a bad decision, and affect them for the rest of their lives, because I don't want my children to think it's their fault," Shadden said.

Stephanie Shadden is asking for your help in looking for the father of four.  The search will begin on September 8th, Saturday at 8 in the morning.  Food and drinks will be provided and will be taking place at the Wildcat Marina at Lake Spence.