Man fights business over a lemonade charge, but didn't order lemonade

by Lynn Carson

An angry Florida man is taking his dispute with a local restaurant public.

Doug Kinney is outraged that he was recently charged for a lemonade at the King House Buffet, even though he ordered and received a glass of ice water with one slice of lemon.

The restaurant says Kinney was charged for lemonade, because he used the lemon slice and two packets of sweetener to make his own lemonade at the table.

Bill Pittard, a friend of the restaurant owner, says it was his idea to charge Kinney for lemonade.

"This is a restaurant, here to make money," Pittard said.

Kinney asked for his money back, but the restaurant refused.

He then made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, which was unable to mediate a settlement between Kinney and Kenny Chen, the King House Buffet's owner.

Chen said that he never charged anyone for lemon slices or sweetener before, but did so in this case because Kinney had made several complaints.

Doug Kinney denies that accusation and says he was delighted with the restaurant before being charged for the lemonade.

Kinney insists that being charged for the lemonade wasn't the issue.

He's more upset with the fact that he was charged without being notified that the self-made lemonade would cost him when he ordered the water and lemon slice.