Andrews Teenager's Legal Troubles Far From Over

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Roger Bueno's legal troubles are really just getting started.  Ector County District Attorney Bobby Bland tells NewsWest Nine there is a warrant out for Bueno, but details are still limited.

Bueno was picked up by immigration officials back in March, the day after his prom.

The 18-year old was wanted by Odessa Police for indecency with a child.  Details involved in that allegation have not been released, but we have found out he is accused of improperly touching a 12-year-old boy.  Police say Bueno and the victim know each other.  The teen is also wanted in Andrews. 

Police Chief Bud Jones says there are charges pending against him, but would not say what they are because the crime was allegedly committed when he was still a minor.  A cousin of Bueno spoke only with NewsWest Nine after hearing news of her relative being able to stay in the country.

"I'm very happy he has the chance to go and pick up the pieces and begin again in Mexico he really didn't have a future for him so he's going to have to start over and start from the beginning and he didn't really have a future really.  It helps me know that God does answer prayers for everybody," Nohemi Bueno, a cousin of Roger Bueno, said.

NewsWest Nine talked to the Andrews County District Attorney John Pool, he would not comment on the case.  I also spoke with Andrews School District Superintendent Paul Mitchell, he said he would wait until the legal process was over before commenting.

Odessa Police expect Bueno will be sent back to the basin to face those charges for indecency with a child.  No word yet on when that will happen.