Loose crane in Connecticut causing concern

by David Springer
CNN News

"It's the one right there.  Yep, with the wires hanging down from it," said one resident.

A handful of Stamford residents sat across the street from their homes monday evening, eyes skyward, looking at an unstable crane looming over their apartments.

"They say the crane is hanging over the house and it could fall on the house and it could be dangerous," another resident said.

"So the people moved the cars, everything. Everyone had to come out of the houses. We're just sitting here waiting to find out what's going on," another Stamford resident said.

What everyone could see was that the crane appeared to be bent over at a more than 90 degree angle and upon closer inspection, you could see slack wires hanging from the mid-joint.

Officials say three spokes on the crane somehow broke but no one was really sure how.

But instead of worrying about it, they were focusing on making sure the crane didn't become more of a danger.

"Whether that means dismantling it or propping it up, I'm not exactly sure what the plan it is at that point," Lt.  Sean Cooney with Stamford Police said.

But police do say it could be hours before it's safe enough to let these residents return to their homes.

"We're just hoping for the best and that nobody gets hurt in the process."