Two College students subdue woman on an airplane

by Nick Lough
CNN News

Patrick Carlisle and Scott Handin have a lot in common. They both live in Billings and go to school in the Seattle area. They say they're friends now.

But before this weekend they had never met. They were simply sitting on the same plane on saturday night when,

"Right after take off this girl ran up there I though she was had to go to the bathroom. I grabbed her by the neck. It was like watching a movie, I've never seen anything like it," Patrick Carlisle said.

What they saw was a young woman climbing over rows of seats just minutes into a flight from Seattle bound for Billings. Passengers say she was trying to break into the cockpit.

"She was talking to someone in the back and said she told him she was planning on killing everybody, and she ran right up after flight," Scott Handin said.

Both Carlisle and Handin tackled and subdued the woman while she was fighting with a flight attendant. Both say they hardly consider themselves heroes. They say they did what any other passenger what do.

"I can't imagine anyone else that wouldn't have done the same thing," Carlisle said.

"I can't imagine anyone would not react its our responsibility sitting in the front to help," Handin said.

Many people would assume after going through such a frightening experiencing the men might be afraid of flying - - but both say they plan on flying back to college with no fear at all and now with a new friend.

The F-B-I is investigating the incident.  Authorities say they can't confirm if the woman had a weapon.  Police charged her with assaulting a flight attendant.  Officials took the woman to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.