Howard County Officials terminate eight full time and five part time jobs

Staff Report

NewsWest 9

All that red ink in Howard County has resulted in some job cutbacks.

During Monday's budget hearing, Commissioners trimmed eight full time and five part time jobs.

They involve many departments, like the County Clerk's Office, Sheriff's Office, Library, Road and Bridge, and County Maintenance.

On another matter, Sheriff Dale Walker and architects are getting close to a figure for a proposed jail bond, but that won't be available until September fourth.

Sheriff walker is just happy that he won't be losing any full-time deputies.

"The main thing I was fighting for is to prevent losing two deputies, because we work with a skeleton crew as it is.  I found a way around terminating a deputy, so I still have my existing deputies on staff, but I did terminate one office clerk here, which is my secretary actually," Walker said.

Walker says the costly inmate transfers are to blame for much of the County's budget woes.