Increasing Number of Accidents in Andrews County

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Andrews Police Chief Bud Jones tells NewsWest Nine, the higher volume of traffic is to blame.  County commissioners have said at least a thousand cars and trucks go through here everyday, and more traffic means more accidents.

"It's just indicative of the heavy traffic volume," Chief Bud Jones of Andrews Police Department said.

"Maybe people not being as careful as they need to be," Jones said.

"Makes us count or blessings," Jones said.

For Andrews Police Chief Bud Jones and the EMS Team, they're counting their blessings every day, each emergency call they answer is a challenge.

"It could get emotional, it can be devastating to have to think about the loss to the families to the individuals who in a split second who are gone," Jones said.

In the last month, four people have died from an accident in the county, three of them on the frequently traveled Telephone Road or FM 1788, with the most recent loss on Friday.

"It's a lot for that short of period of time," Jones said.

And time is of the essence when the emergency crew is out on the scene.

"We're up to the task, but it does get pretty busy at times," Jones said.

With the traffic growing, all the police chief asks is for drivers to be extra careful.

"We just ask that particularly people working in the oilfield, and people driving in on the rural highways to be ever mindful that accidents can occur anywhere, and we just ask people to be conscious of what they're doing and drive defensively," Jones said.

Chief Jones says he can't stress enough on being careful on the road.  Look both ways before crossing any intersection and follow the speed limit.