Last Minute Back-To-School Shopping

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Shopping was on Sunday in parts of West Texas for all of those last minute back to school items. NewsWest 9 Cameras were rolling in Odessa and found lots of busy families finishing up their back to school shopping.

"It looks like Christmas, it's just packed in there," said one Odessa resident.

West Texas Families filled stores in Odessa today looking for everything from clothes to shoes.

"Smaller shirts for him, get him a haircut also," said another Odessa parent shopping with his son.

Even with the lines at the barber shop in the Music City Mall were packed with parents making sure their children had everything ready for the upcoming week. Others we found say they did most of the big shopping earlier.

"We got all the clothes, we were just getting little knick-knacks, just little stuff that we forgot like pencils and little folders, but we're ready, we just about got everything we need for back to school," said one West Texan.

And parents NewsWest 9 talked to Sunday said it's not just the kids that are ready to go back to school, but a lot of moms and dads are ready for a little break themselves.