Border fence protest draws small crowd in downtown El Paso

Staff Report
The Associated Press

EL PASO, Texas - About 70 people crowded onto a downtown international bridge Saturday in a brief protest against the proposed border fence.

The protest was dubbed "Hands Across El Rio" by organizer Jay J. Johnson-Castro Sr., a Del Rio business owner.

It was intended to attract enough protesters to form a human chain from the base of the Paso del Norte bridge in El Paso across the span into Ciudad Juarez. But when El Paso Mayor John Cook met at the top of the bridge with Mayor Hector Murgia from Ciudad Juarez, Murgia was alone, save for a small entourage and several reporters.

Johnson-Castro says the low turnout was a little disappointing. But he says future protests - including similar events scheduled across the border in Texas in the next few weeks - are likely to grow.