Stephanie Sparkman makes it official, she's running for Mayor

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

She made it official Saturday in a formal announcement in front of City Hall.

In front of friends and family, Stephanie Sparkman announced Saturday she will run for Tall City Mayor.

Three years ago Sparkman ran for mayor, and had not planned to run again, but something this year changed all that.

"Once we had this Menchaca debacle as I call it, it kind of was the tipping point for me to say you know what we need new leadership in Midland, I'm gonna run. Actually a friend of mine called me up the evening of the Council Meeting when they first approved Menchaca's severance package, and she said, "Stephanie, I hadn't even been watching T.V.," I was getting ready for bed, and she said, "Stephanie, they just gave you 481 thousand reasons you need to run for Mayor, " and she was right.  That's why I'm here," Sparkman said. 

At Saturday's press conference, Sparkman spoke about the need for stronger leadership, communication between city entities and tax problems in the city.

Also running for Mayor At-Large City Councilman Wes Perry.

Midland Mayor Mike Canon announced this week he won't be running for re-election.