Jewel thiefs steal half a Million dollars in jewelry store robbery

by Bryan Henry

The owner of Harbin Jewelers, in Ozark, Alabama is still in shock.

"The best way I can put it is it's about as close to getting raped," said the owner who asked that his full name not be revealed.

In fact, Ozark chief deputy Myron Williams has never seen anything like it.

"Very sophisticated plan," said Williams.

Under the cover of darkness and covered faces, the lead burglar in the surveillance video cuts his way through the roof of the store and within 10 seconds disables the alarm system.

By the way, the video clearly shows the man knew just where to go to find the key to unlock the alarm box.

reporter: "Inside job?"
Williams: "Maybe but not necessarily."

At this point in the dramatic video, the man climbs back up to the roof to make sure the cops don't show up.

More than an hour later, he's back inside but this time he has two friends coming in the back door.

"You can see they're not nervous," said Williams.

The suspects methodically set up shop; they bring in their tools, their blow-torch and begin the process of burning a hole in the side of a 2,800 pound stand alone safe, a safe with 10 inch walls of concrete and steel.

"I am amazed as to how they carried this out," said Williams.

Half-way through the operation, the lead burglar realizes he missed a camera.

"You can see there he reaches up and turns the camera up," said Williams.

Shortly thereafter the burglars calmly walk out the back door with a half-million dollars worth of jewelry.

"You work hard for 30 years. They took everything that was in the safe, rings and unique diamonds," said the owner.

To say this was a professional job would be an understatement. They not only knew what to do, but how to do it.

"They're not nervous. Each had a role in the crime," Williams said.
As of now Ozark Police don't have any suspects, but they tell us they're working a few leads.

The owner is left wondering how this could happen after spending big money on a state-of-the art security system one year ago.

The owner says this won't put him out of business and his losses are insured.