NewsWest 9 Tours the new City of Andrews Performance Center

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

"This center is called the performance center it actually has three venues in it.

As you can see the arena is actually two levels itself. We're pushing right now to get our volleyball teams and be fully operational in mid September."

Right now, the lower level of this 101 thousand square foot facility is fully operational and it's right on time for football season.

"Lower level is basically our locker rooms its boy's basketball locker rooms, football locker rooms, training room, a rehab center. We have the football team moved in and they are ready to start the season."

This new facility will also house not one, but two swimming pools.

"One is a competition U.I.L competition swimming pool and then we have a separate diving pool that is a 14 foot diving well it has three one meter boards and one three meter board for competitive diving."

And the last of the three venues in the new performance center has nothing to do with athletes or sports; it is a one thousand seat concert hall, for band and choir concerts and Andrews high school principal Rick Howell says it should be put to good use.

"That'll also serve as another auditorium should we need to hold an assembly we can put our whole student body in that concert hall which we don't have room for in our little theatre even though its nice and we use it a lot we can't put all four classes in it at one time."

Even with a shortage in construction workers and a very rainy summer, which delayed work at times, completion of the facility is estimated by the end of the year.

"It will be completed in three phases with the arena being completed first. We are looking at the pool area to be completed late October and our concert hall around the end of the year."

The district hopes the new performance center brings in plenty of playoff games and other activities and they say that means great things for the city of Andrews.