Dual Language Program Not One Size Fits All

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- At Cameron Elementary, one part English and one part Spanish doesn't add up to one size fits all.

"If they have not been in a program, we give them a language assessment test, to see if it is best for that child to be successful at Cameron," said Principal Monica Sarabia who says the kids learn their academics in English and Spanish.

"They're not being taught Spanish, they are being taught in Spanish," she said they are learning in Spanish, and that makes this a dual language program, not a bilingual program.

"We are this wonderful school, we have the best teachers here," she said, "I would have to say they work the hardest in the district, because they have two sets of children. Twenty five kids each, really they have fifty kids," she said.

But teaching older kids can be tough, that's why incoming students must take a language assessment test.

"Fifty percent of their grade will be in Spanish, so we do not want to have a child held back," she said.

Although the program won't work for every student, Principal Sarabia says it will take students who start early a long way.

"Its just going to help them in the long run, in whatever profession they chose when they grow up," she said.