Texas man accused of putting toddler in a dryer speaks out

by Angel San Juan

A Texas man accused of putting a two-year-old baby in the dryer is now telling his side of the story.

In a jail house interview, 27-year-old Bobby Lynn Curtis of Lumberton,  Texas told reporters he is not a monster.

But Curtis can't understand what landed him in jail facing what could be a lifetime behind bars.
And there really isn't a rational explanation to what this 27 year old man has confessed to have done to his girlfriend's two year old daughter.
"I'm truly sorry what I've done, I don't know what happened but it wasn't me," said Curtis.

Curtis is a construction worker who does jobs at area plants.

The Mauriceville native lived in this house in Lumberton with his girlfriend of one year, with her six year old son and her two year old daughter, and their 12 week old baby girl.

"I haven't been the perfect boyfriend to K.C., and with her children, but I've never laid my hands on them ever," said Curtis.

That was until this past Sunday when Curtis' girlfriend was not home, and he was trying to bathe her daughter.
"She don't like to get her hair wet or her face. I pushed the issue of washing her hair and she kept hollering. I kept getting madder and madder," said Curtis.

Curtis told police that's when he took the girl and put her in to a clothes dryer that was already running and hot.

He says he kept her there for about five seconds before taking her out.

Although the girl suffered burns to her arms, Curtis did not initially tell anyone what he did.

Curtis said, "I was too scared to say anything, hoping as young as she was it would be something she'd forget about and not remember."

But the girl remembered, and told her mother the next morning who contacted police.

Curtis was arrested Monday night, and Wednesday morning during a jail house news conference, a sobbing Curtis could not offer an explanation, just an apology.

"I know everybody knows what I did and they're thinking what the hell is this dude thinking, I don't know what I was thinking," he said.

Curtis understands that because of what he did he doesn't have a lot of fans, in fact he says he has not gotten any visitors in jail, that' s why through reporters, he asked for professional help.

I need someone who can professionally guide me in the right way, if that makes any sense," said Curtis.

Not much of this case makes a lot of sense, but Curtis hopes he can one day pay his debt to society, and even then he hopes despite his crime, he'll be allowed to be a father again.
His bond has been set at $150,000.
If convicted, he could face between 5 to 99 years in prison.