Wedding thief crashes wedding party

by Vikki Vargas

He was a wedding crasher but he wasn't there to party!

Security cameras in Garden Grove, California caught the uninvited guest making away with cash gifts for the bride and groom.

Anthony and Jennifer Smith spent a year and half planning their wedding day but things at the reception did not go off as planned.

About an hour after they said "I Do," surveillance video shows what appears to be a man, dressed for the occasion, reaching into a box containing some of the wedding gifts.

He can be seen licking an envelope as if he's giving a gift. Moments later the surveillance video appears to show the crasher opening the box and hiding his hands under his jacket then quickly moving away from the gifts.

The bride's father, Gary Sparr, estimates the cash, checks and cards for his daughter and son-in-law were close to $1,500.

Office manager Kim Cauble says surveillance cameras at the Garden Room were installed years ago, to protect the banquet facility from theft and false claims.

There is even a sign by the gifts table warning money not be left behind.

Kim says, "it's like a car.  You can lock it but if there's somethin they want, they'll get it.

Robbie Sparr, the bridge's daughter, says  "we just have a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach.  It just makes us sick that there's someone out there preying on young newlyweds."

Jennifer and Anthony are on their honeymoon right now in Florida, unaware they had hoped to use to pay a few bills is gone.

The Sparr's logged every gift and the envelopes they did find, to determine whose presents are missing.  They have filed a police report, but are hoping someone recognizes the man who came to their daughter's wedding, but didn't stay for dessert.