Philadelphia man flashes local reporter after criminal charges filed

by Monique Braxton

48-year-old Larry Richette gave a disturbing response when asked about a domestic dispute with his mother, Judge Lisa Richette.

We'll show you what we didn't expect to see in a moment.

Philadelphia detectives have charged the judge's son with aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangerment.

Richette was arrested Tuesday after his mother, a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge, was taken from her home here on Lombard street to a local hospital. Police say Judge Richette had a cut above her eye that required stitches.

Richette's neighbor, Janine Everett, says "he obviously needs help. be nice if he'd get that and she'd be able to be safe in her own home."

No one answered at the judge's home, but our cameras captured a different and alarming response outside Larry Richette's house a few blocks away on Pemberton.