State of Ohio drying out after massive flooding

by Dave Summers
NBC News

The governor of Ohio has declared a state of emergency in nine counties because of flooding.

The town of Findlay was one of the worst hit.

Residents there hope the worst is over and the cleanup can begin.

The sun on Center Street is drying up the three plus feet of water that has kept residents stranded in their homes for the last couple of days.
John Wells jokingly says he's watering his lawn, but with a basement full of water, cleanup does start outside.

"Trying to get the mud off the side walks so I don't track it inside. got enough mud in the basement , don't need it upstairs too," said Wells.

Cleanup at the Puchet home is stalled for the moment.
"Our basement is still half full we have to wait till that goes down then we'll have a big mess to clean up," said Puchet.
Down the street residents are ringing out thick rugs and furniture are all carted and carried out to the side walk.

Tuesday's rains caused flash flooding.

The streets of Findlay flooded when the Blanchard River that runs through the middle of town spilled over its banks seven and a half feet above flood stage.

It eventually crested at seventeen and a half feet, nearly tying the record set back in 1913.

With the river retreating now back to its banks and the water receding from the city streets, residents don't know where the mess stops and the clean up begins.
"You can see the stuff out on the streets, there's dirt mud, crap you're gonna have to clean up, pressure wash the whole basement. It's going to be fun," said flood victim John Woodruff.

Still Woodruff and his wife Diane are trying to take it in stride

"You're telling me you're not in any hurry? Not really but you got to get it done. You laugh about it and go on," said Woodruff.
Findlay residents may be past the worst of it but this water is retreating back into the Blanchard River and headed west towards Putnam County they're already requesting more rescue boats there.